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On this page you will find MP3's of some of the music I have composed, produced and performed for my plays as well as a few bits and bobs.  One of the things I like about writing for Theatre and Film is you get to do loads of different styles.  So below you will find everything from Psychedelic Rock to Light Operetta.  I hope you enjoy listening.


None of this matters.

A playful murder ballad from "The Thirteenth Fairway", written by myself and Duncan Allan.  This is a song sung by a small fairy to a self obsessed businessman on a golf course shortly before she dispatches him.


A Dance track I wrote for a short play "Metro" which was performed by Stage Youth Theatre Tynemouth

A Room Full of Light

A romantic folky prog rock ballad written with Duncan Allan from our first album "Moths".

Use your Imagination

A song from "The Gingerbread Girl" a jaunty plea for children of all ages to not loose the ability to make stuff up.  A big chorus number.

The Little Train who lost his Tracks

An instrumental commissioned by Arts Centre Washington for an exhibition of automata - a flute and classical guitar piece written with Duncan Allan.

Lazy Life

From my musical  "The Puppet King" - A bunch of free-loading Politicians sing about the joys of keeping the population under their collective thumbs.

Carol I'm Comin'

Here's a song I wrote for a movie that didn't happen.  It's the muddled ravings of a mad 60's counter culture musician railing against the world whilst professing his undying lust for his girlfriend Carol.


This is the theme tune to "Strangers on a Bus" also used by The Theatre Royal Newcastle in "Is Anybody There" a comedy by Caroline Fairley.  It's a sneaky little Miss Marple type tune for harpsichord and orchestra.


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